Hi, I'm Agata, Edinburgh based potter from Poland, maker, designer, artist and craftswoman at the same person. I was initially a student of Interior Design, but soon I realised that drawing plans for others it's not my cup of tea. 

I make functional tableware using a combination of my favourite clays coated in simply coloured glazes. I try to keep my objects simple - the form is as much important to me as the glaze. I work with quite muted, neutral tones, nothing too colourful. I enjoy natural and organic colours and textures. 

Today, my work is all about the texture. I want to express the beauty of the material I use. To build the texture and depth of tone I use a broad mix of clays, including recycled ones. I use an electric kiln to reach 1240 degrees. 

I make everything by hand, which means there's room for difference between each piece. Each object I made is unique, each cup is a slightly different shape or size or sometimes the colour varies a little. That makes handmade ceramics very special. 

I dedicated myself to pottery in 2016 and since then I can't leave the wheel for more than a few days. 

I hope you enjoy my little objects. If you have any questions please contact me [email protected]

And also, if you want to see what I'm up to recently, follow me on Instagram.